Are you afraid of the Dark? — Sidney Sheldon


Are you afraid of the Dark? — Sidney Sheldon

This Halloween if you want to involve in a striking mystery and be a part of the thrill, Sidney Sheldon’s ‘Are you afraid of the dark’ would do complete justice. This is the latest novel of Sidney Sheldon- a bestselling suspense thriller writer, released in 2004.

‘Are you afraid of the dark’  has a complete mix of suspense, thrill and mystery. It keeps you involved so much that it makes it difficult to not turn the page to know more. Some people have described this book as ‘unputdownable’.

It is impossible to miss the thrill when the reader sees four people are violently and mysteriously murdered in four different parts of the world. Could it be just a big coincidence or does it have deeper roots? It gets trickier when you realize there’s a common link to all the four murders which is connected to an all-powerful environmental think tank. Two of the victim’s murder, painter Diane Stevens and an international supermodel Kelly Harris might hold some revealing information related to their husband’s demise.

When the reality turns into a nightmare, Kelly and Diane should join forces where intellect and cleverness are their only weapons. Petrified and wary against each other, their target is as big as this universe and as near as the air they breathe!

Review by Snehil 

Are you interested in this book? Feel free to order it by clicking here ; by using this link, you will help our association by allowing us to collect a small percentage of your purchase 😉 thank you!


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