Harry Potter and the Cursed child – Parts I and II, J.K Rowling – written by Charlotte Lamboley

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Unless you were on BOTH a news-cleanse and electronics-cleanse this summer, you obviously heard about the new Harry Potter book. The so-long-awaited book was finally released on Harry Potter’s birthday – July 31st. Everything has changed, yet everything has remained the same. Well, it wouldn’t be Hogwarts without a bit of magic 😉

Anyway, the book opens where we left off. We are 19 years later at King’s Cross Saint Pancras station, London, on the famous platform 9¾. Our beloved friends are reunited not for their back-to-school day, but for their children’s. The story hardly begun, yet tension is already lurking its way in. Indeed, Harry Potter’s and Ginny’s son, Albus Severus Potter is anxious. And for good reasons. First everybody’s looking at them because … you know they basically saved the magic world seven times in a row, so that might draw attention to them. NO BIG DEAL. But mostly because James doesn’t feel like he belongs in Gryffindor…

And so it begins. The children hop on the train and you cannot help but hear the soundtrack. You turn the page and you dive into the story. It feels just like when you were little. You’re back at Hogwarts. Nothing has changed, Ms. McGonagall is still ruling the halls, the sorting hat ceremony is better than ever, the stairs are playing tricks as always. You’re eleven again, and you want to change the world. But will you succeed in your endeavor? Do you have the right to do what you want to do to the world?

J.K Rowling once said that we did not need magic to save the world, we carry all the power we need inside ourselves already: we have the power to imagine better. This book is another proof that she is right. Because through this book you will find faith, love, beauty but also weird teenagers desperately trying to fit in. You can’t get more normal than that! Well obviously there’s bit of magic here and there, but in the end the real magic comes from friends, family and love.

Some will hate this last book because it’s not a real Harry Potter story, it’s a James Potter story. Some will despise it because they never even understood the appeal of the first seven books in the first place. Some will read it because they have nothing better to do. Some will love it because they are still under Hogwarts’ spell. What’s for sure, is that you will not know which group is yours until you read it for yourself.

PS: If you want to continue your escape, you can take the muggle version of the Hogwarts train aka the Eurostar and watch the book turned into life on the Globe stage until January 2018… Mind the gap!

Charlotte Lamboley.

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